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Project Sandbox Inc. is an independant digital publishing and production company to help authors and artists get their books and albums on digital marketplaces like Amazon.com and iTunes. Founded by an author and musician, we can help you get your creative content out where the world can find it (and buy it).

If you are an author or a musician, you can have your book or album listed on Amazon.com, iTunes and other e-retailers. Your work will also be listed in the Project Sandbox store where you will receive the highest royalty rates. Because we don't go through traditional publishing and distribution processes like physical media does, we can get you the most money for your work.

Like a traditional company, we will help you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best product on the market that you can. This included editorial services, professional artwork for book and album covers as well as recording and production services. Our goal is to help your dreams become a reality.

If you are an author or musician and would be interested in signing with us, please visit the submissions page.